Before we start into taking herbal medicines, there are some things you definitely need to know and are very important.

Herbs are wonderful but be assured, they are very strong medicine and can be even stronger than the medication you are prescribed by your doctor. 

So, before you start taking herbs as medicine, you first have to check how it will interact with any medication you are currently taking. Your Herbalist will be able to identify if there are going to be any adverse effects.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone walking into a herbal shop and buying compounds because they’ve heard it does you good. It may well do but it can also lead to interaction problems and these aren’t usually enquired by the staff. They don’t advise or query with the purchaser at the time of sale in regard to any illness or conditions they suffer with or any allergies, which I find a bit irresponsible and downright dangerous at times.

Some herbs can actually increase or decrease the strength of any drugs you may be taking – yes, really.

If you are taking contraception medications, you may have a problem as some herbs can reduce the effectiveness of these.

Maybe a good idea to write down what drugs you are taking and make notes against these what herbs will affect their effectiveness. That information is not hard to find but important that this first step is taken.

All the herbal remedies discussed or recommended on this site or in any of our books or courses, will have a description of any interaction or adverse effects that could be encountered with the modern pharmaceutical drugs being taken.

Some herbal remedies may be more beneficial than modern day drugs but you should always seek advise before considering replacing one with another. It may also be the case that the herbal treatment is less effective than the prescribed medication being taken.

Cases when you should consider not using some herbal treatments:

If you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant

Breast feeding

Taking some particular medications

Allergic or sensitive to compounds found in particular herbs

Undergoing surgery or have had recent surgery. In either case, stop using herbal treatments at least two weeks before sugery.

Where any herb or herbal treatment would be considered not advisable for a condition, this will have a caution warning included in the description.

Most Herbal remedies are not recommended for children under one year old. Where a treatment would be safe, an advisor note will be shown.

Care should be taken with children of 14 years of age and younger as some herbal treatments may be stronger than a young body may be able to tolerate. Again, this information will be advised where the herb and treatment would be inappropriate. 

Do not start taking herbal medicines and treatment for a condition you suspect you have. Confirm that you are actually suffering from the condition with your doctor, get a diagnosis first, then confirm that the condition could be alleviated through herbal treatments.

Don’t let all this put you off, remember what I said at the beginning, we have relied on herbal medicine for thousands of years and look at us now, we all seemed to have survived. We still use many of the ‘Old Remedies’, these handed down from Mothers and Grandmothers over the generations. 

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