The Lost Book of Remedies

An old book I bought recently holds some very interesting information you might want to know about.

Besides turning into my go-to book whenever I have a health problem, you’ll find some interesting things like:

*why you should put garlic in your ear before going to sleep

*what happens when you pour salt into a cabbage

A. The salt mixes with the cabbage juice inside and begins to ferment

B. The cabbage phytonutrients get “supercharged” by the acidity and turn into cholesterol sweepers

C. After 3 days you get a very powerful natural painkiller

This life-saving information was still common knowledge just a few generations ago.

Today it’s all but lost.

I first read about this forgotten cure in The Lost Book of Remedies, an old tome that tries to save the most powerful remedies of our forefathers.

Personally, I use it constantly. It helps me identify herbs and plants, where they grow and how to use them, whether for food or medicine.

Did you know vegetables can also be used for medicinal use too? There is so much information in this book, you will always have it to hand.

Our grandparents knew more than we can even imagine about what plants to steer clear of and which plants to use for medicine.

Today we’ve lost their wisdom and we will pay the ultimate price when our unsustainable medical system collapses.

But if you’ll give me just a few minutes of your time I’ll show you how you can treat your whole family using only simple backyard weeds.

When medicines will vanish, you’ll need this on your bookshelf.

Grab it today

I can promise it will change your life and all for the better

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