Herbs for Helping Animals

Animals suffer too and herbs and herbal remedies can cure many ailments.

I have added some links to very helpful articles where these can help alleviate pet ailments and conditions.


A bain to all our lives. Here’s some very helpful hints to keep home and pet free of these disgusting creatures.

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Top 5 myths about fleas

Fleas are a total nuisance, as those of us with pets will know. They’re tiny, quick, and next to impossible to get rid of once they take up residence. But treating fleas effectively would probably be a whole lot easier if there weren’t so many myths surrounding them.

So, to help you in your quest against these pesky little bloodsuckers and to keep your pets and homes flea-free, let’s take a look at some of the top myths doing the rounds and compare them to the actual reality!

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Top 5 myths about fleas