Look around, this world is full of suffering. We are all suffering with something in our lives but we understand the suffering, whether it is from illness, grief or just life itself. But, we do understand and the majority of the time, we will take steps to alleviate the suffering and that causing it.

Animals  suffer too, worse when this is at the hands of those who are supposed to protect them – Us – the human race and we are failing miserably.

The abuse and torture of those animals we class as pets, that we love deeply, our family is increasing. So many abandoned and abused, where is the compassion and empathy gone from the human race. But there are many who open their hearts and homes to these poor souls, not the big Rescues like Cats Protection, RSPCA, Dogs Trust, but the little guys who spend every day collecting and taking in the injured and abandoned, usually the cost from their own pockets but relying on the goodwill of those who really care.

It is those that all the website sales support. From book sale, I donate 75% of the cost, only keeping enough to cover my costs for production of webs, books, research and running costs.  

So, if you do buy, you will be doing your bit too to alleviate a lot of suffering and helping those that help those that need them

Thank You