5 Health Benefits of Oregano Oil And How To Make It At Home

Imagine easing the symptoms of a cold or flu with something you can make at home using only two ingredients – no over the counter medications with ingredients lists that cover half of the bottle.Here’s how to make your own essential oil with oregano extract and you too can start improving your health with this very powerful spice.

Essential Oils

Essential oils contain the “essence” of plants and flowers through extraction processes like distillation or cold-pressing. The scent and nutritional properties of the plant are retained in the oil and are used in a variety of applications, from aromatherapy to medicinal treatments. To make our homemade oil of oregano we will be using a method most similar to cold-pressing:

Before preparing your oregano to make sure you have the right variety of the spice. The type we use for cooking comes from the Marjoram Origanum plant. For our essential oil, we want to use oregano from the Origanum vulgare plant. 


Fresh oregano leaves
Olive or Almond oil


  • Boil water in a saucepan. Once it is a rolling boil turn off heat.
  • Place the oil and oregano leaves into a clean, sealable jar.
  • Put the jar into the hot water and let sit for 30 mins. This heats the oil up and starts to release the oregano oils.
  • Remove the jar from the water bath and place in a sunny window for 2 – 4 weeks.
  • Give the jar a shake every few days. Ensure there are no air bubbles in the mix, stir with a wooden spoon and allow any air bubbles to disperse.
  • After 4 weeks strain the oregano from the oil.
  • Place into a clean jar.
  • Store the oil in a cool dark place.

Health Benefits

We can trace the use of oil of oregano for its various healing properties as far back as ancient Greece. Recently, academic and clinical trials are quantifying the healing properties of this spice and its use is increasing in popularity: it has been clinically proven to reduce blood sugar levels while also containing a high level of antioxidants. Other treatment applications for oil of oregano include:

  1. Reduces pain and inflammation
  2. Fights off infection and contains over 50 antibacterial ingredients
  3. Reduces the symptoms and duration of colds and flu
  4. Can aid in the relief of digestive problems
  5. Relief from muscle aches and pains

Application / How to administer

Once your oil of oregano is ready to use, we can begin exploring ways it can be administered to start improving your health.


After diluting your oil of oregano with a little olive oil, you can apply the mixture onto your skin to help ease pain from muscle inflammation and soreness. Oil of oregano is also effective as a topical treatment to help cure skin rashes and ease pain from insect stings.


To help ease the symptoms of colds and flu, sore throats, and digestion problems add a few drops of oil of oregano to a glass of juice or coconut milk.  

As a precautionary note pregnant women and children should not ingest oil of oregano. Iron is not absorbed as effectively by the body when oil of oregano is taken and this application method should be avoided. In addition, a week without taking the oil should follow a 15 day period of use by adults.

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