15 Ways to Use Coconut Oil in Everyday Life

Only use 100% cold pressed extra virgin oils

The oils are now available in supermarkets but I much prefer Amazon, I found there is a good selection and of a high quality.

On the front page, there is a link to Amazon.


Click on the link and in the search box, type in carrier oils. It will give you a good selection to choose from. Choose a fractionated oil, it’s the best.


  1. Cooking: I love to cook with coconut oil. You can easily use it as
    a substitute for vegetable oil, olive oil, or butter.
  2. Moisturizer: Put coconut oil on your body after showering or
    bathing for silky, smooth skin.
  3. Hair Conditioner: Coconut oil helps repair damaged hair. Apply
    1 tsp. of coconut oil to your hair and the leave it there for around
    about 15 minutes before shampooing it out again.
  4. Dandruff Treatment: All you need to do is simply mix 1 tsp.
    coconut oil with 3 drops of tea tree E.O., and then massage it in,
    wait a few minutes, say about 5 minutes and the shampoo it out.
  5. Bath Melts: Make some dead easy bath melts by mixing 1 cup
    coconut oil with 15–20 drops of your favorite E.O.’s.. Freeze in a
    silicone mold. Then the next time you have a bath, drop in one of
    these silky bath melts and WOW!
  6. Shaving Cream: You can really use this as a wonderful shaving
    cream! Simply apply coconut oil over legs before shaving. It’s not
    only a shaving cream but it also will act as an after-shave
    moisturizer as well. 2 in 1!
  7. Massage Oil: You can use coconut oil alone but I personally
    think that it is better to combine it with another carrier oil (50/50)
  8. Sugar Scrub: Mix coconut oil, brown sugar, and peppermint oil
    for a refreshing lip or skin scrub.
  9. Acne: Apply a small amount of coconut oil after washing your
    face with soap and water. At first, your complexion may get
    worse as toxins are expelled from the skin but then it should be
    much better after some time.
  10. Chafe Protection: Use a little coconut oil to soothe chafing.
  11. Surface Polisher: Use coconut oil to polish stainless steel,
    bronze, leather, furniture, wood, fake plants, etc.
  12. Wood Conditioner: Rub coconut oil on wooden utensils to
    help condition them. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to
    help sanitize wood cutting boards and utensils.
  13. Bruises and Minor Burns: Apply something cold (ice for
    bruises; cold, wet cloth for burns) for 10–15 minutes. Then gently
    apply a layer of coconut oil with lavender EO. Re-apply oil 4–8
    times a day, or every couple of hours, until the pain is gone or
    until healed.
  14. Indigestion: For acute cases of indigestion, take 2 Tbsp. of
    coconut oil internally. If needed, take 1 Tbsp. again 6 hours later.
  15. Itchy Skin/Psoriasis/Eczema: Massage warm coconut oil
    into affected area. I have seen great results from this treatment!
    Do it every couple of days.

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